With update 2.0.7 on the live servers, the whole team is now fully concentrating on the 2.1 update with the Dreamworld engine integration and the new content as described in past "Monthly Development Updates". We aim to deploy the first versions of Update 2.1 to the test servers in the next few weeks.

Update 2.0.7 also included the data for the upcoming seasonal event which will get available end of October. More information on this event should also be ready very soon. There might be the need to have an additional short downtime next week for the last preparations of the seasonal event but we will decide on this beginning of next week when all the details are available.

Talking of updates and versions ... we are currently looking for a new member of the team in the Montreal studio as a Junior Build and Version person. This is a role that involves working with the devs and the operations staff to build and maintain the different versions of the game. It is a reasonably technical role, but also a great opportunity to be involved! If this sounds interesting, you should check out the job description here. Remember that open job positions in the various studios are always available on the Funcom website.