Like mentioned in last week's Community Update, we are working on a follow-up update in the 2.0.x series. This update (2.0.7) will address some server side fixes but will also deal with performance improvements mainly in the Northern Grasslands playfield. Among various other fixes to several small issues, the plan is also to add a brand new resurrection lobby for the Jade Citadel which will reduce the time required between attempts on the encounters in the Jade Citadel.

The teams are still hard at work to get everything ready for the testing of Update 2.1. As mentioned last week the process is well on its way, and much of the infrastructure work is now complete. This current testing stage of the process takes a few weeks to complete since it includes new render changes and core architecture changes, which means we have to do extensive playfield tests, and those alas take time. Therefore we expect Update 2.1 to be ready for the testservers around the end of September. We will of course keep you posted on the current status in the weeks to come.