Rogue Archetype
  • Cheat the Reaper should work more reliably now.

  • Cover of Dusk will now be removed if a soldier switches to frenzy stance.
  • Cover of Dusk should no longer affect characters that have Distraction running.

  • Cursed by Hell should be more reliable now.

  • Chill Rank 6 can now trigger Set's Pestilence, as intended.

  • Huntin Hawk should now properly go on cooldown.
  • Reduced the proc rate of the Shred Armor feat.
  • Exhausting Traps will now refresh the duration on any running debuffs in PvP, while keeping the same mechanic with one debuff per Ranger in PvE.
  • Rebalanced all ranger combos, lowering damage on most combo lines. The combos should now also properly reward those who get the upper and lower attack bonuses.

  • All one step combos have had their damage rebalanced.

  • Significantly increased the AA XP gain for killing Tier two and Tier three raid bosses.

Crow's Nest
  • It is now possible to choose between Normal or Epic mode when going back to Tarantia Commons using the ladder.

Den of the Crowmen
  • The Royal Hatchling will now drop loot in Trial of the Godslayer mode.

General Sheng
  • Reduced the radius of several large AoEs, increased the time between aura pulses, and increased enrage timers.
  • Increased the time it takes before the second wave of enemies aggroes.

Enigmata of Yag
  • Fixed an issue which caused the quest "Unraveling the Undone" to not update in Trial of the Godslayer mode.

  • Fixed an issue which caused the "Sanguinary Guardians" to not despawn correctly.

Thoth-Amon's Stronghold
  • Reduced the health of trash mobs.
  • Grim Demonic Lancers should now properly despawn after a wipe.
  • Reduced the chance of Thoth-Amon spawning hazards on trash pulls significantly.
  • Made the trash slightly more vulnerable to melee attacks.
  • Renamed certain spells in the tier 3 crafting encounter.
  • The target of "Set's Curse" will no longer be teleported for the "Mark of Acheron" event.
  • Arbanus : Blood Draw cast time has been increased by 1 second.
  • Favored of Louhi : Unholy retribution proc rates have been adjusted.
  • The Hollow Knight will no longer target pets
  • Shawabti in Thoth-Amon's Stronghold now sells a very rare shard in exchange for simple relics.
  • The Keeper of Artifacts
    • The singing swords will now despawn after killing the boss.
    • Reduced the HP of The Keeper and the Hollow Knight.
    • Made it less likely for the same type of artifact to arrive two times in a row.
    • Increased the damage of Bore.
    • Decreased the DPS of Searing Armor, Searing Heat, and Blaze.
    • Demolish now ignores line of sight.
    • The Hollow Knight should now correctly display target's target.
    • Hollow Knight's target now receives a stamina regen buff if the target can't use stamina potions.
    • Increased the Singing Sword melee vulnerability.
    • Fixed a bug which caused the Demolish particles to not be visible.
    • Reduced the power of Demolish.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented The Keeper of Artifacts from summoning his artifacts.
  • Thoth-Amon
    • Acheronian Soul is now immune to fear and charm.
    • Adjusted the health and resists of the Acheronian Soul.
    • Reduced the health of Thoth-Amon.
    • Decreased the spawn rate of the adds.
    • Reduced the amount of adds players need to take down to trigger the next phase.
    • Thoth-Amon is now slightly more vulnerable to melee attacks.
    • Added particle effects to better visualize the next phase triggering.
    • Added particle effects to better visualize where the adds spawn.
    • Reduced the range of the adds spells.
    • Thoth-Amon will now teleport to his target.
    • Reduced the amount of pressure plates in the encounter.
    • Thoth-Amon now loses some health when you solve one of the puzzles.
    • Fixed an issue which caused the puzzles in the Thoth-Amon encounter to not reset properly after a wipe.

  • Corrected several issues with collision that could result in the player becoming stuck, and issues that were impeding gameplay.
  • The Trader of Fortunes now offers Simple Trophy Receptacles in her shop.
  • The Trader of Fortunes can now exchange for Marks of Acclaim as well.
  • Increased the drop rate on all combo/spell books.

  • Faction quests in Kara Korum and Paikang have had their amount of Mark of Acclaim tokens increased.
  • The amount of faction gained from faction quests has been increased. Higher ranked quests will give even greater amounts.

  • Chosain Province: "Neglected Duty" quest will now update after setting fire to the tents.
  • Tarantia Commons: For the quest "The Tarantia Tea Party", all of the barrels should now be located on the Tarantia Commons side of the river.
  • Players with Insurrection quests completed can now progress with RotG storyline quest ’Allied against the Darkness’.

  • Brutish Jang's Iron Skin will now be removed by the Finely Honed ability.

  • Readded command parameter expansions (%t for current target and %m for player name) to the following commands: