As promised, I come bearing the winners of the little incentive drawing we held for completing last month’s surveys. Please give a round of applause for the following winners who will each receive lifetime accounts for completing the surveys!

  • Kearen
  • Playadon
  • twins
  • picos
  • wesker

Production Update

Shorter update this week as we prepare the final details on the update we discussed in detail last week. The last of the changes are now in and being tested and we hope to be able to release the update next week, pending that final testing of course.

In making the class changes we also discovered an important issue that was causing some classes combos to do too much damage, this in particular affected the Ranger and Assassin combos, but also a few others, this definitely contributed to the balance complaints against those classes, and where it affects other classes, that probably don't need adjustment, we have been sure to try and compensate appropriately. This will mean that as we mentioned last week, the imbalances there will see those adjustments for the Ranger class in particular. The update will be available on the test servers all weekend and we will test that area over the next few days to make sure we have the best chance of the update being ready next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!