Dozens of new quests for level 80 characters have been added to the Paikang and Kara Korum playfields. Look for posters located in those two playfields to get access to these new repeatable quests.


The ‘Shrines of Bori’ feature has been improved and adjusted to incorporate some of the input and feedback received from our players. These changes should allow for more people to take part in the gameplay and encourage conflict in and around the Shrines between raid forces. In addition we also introduce new PvP gameplay mechanics with the “Spoils of Combat” and Pyres where bodyparts of beaten enemies can be sacrificed in order to gain PvP XP and Conquest Trophy Tokens.

You can read more about these PvP changes in this article.


The Ranger class has been revamped extensively with this update. Many core elements of the class have been redesigned including fundamental changes on how combos work for the Ranger, additional options and opportunities for the use of traps and replacing the concept of stances with a more dynamic mechanic called ‘Advantages’. And there is much, much more.

You can read more about the Ranger revamp in this article.


To reduce the time it takes to recover after being killed in some of the Expansion dungeons, we added new entrances to all dungeons in Northern Grasslands and Chosain Province. This means that you have to zone twice now to enter the actual dungeon but if you get killed, you will resurrect in this new small entrance and will have the chance to get back to the dungeon much faster and without going to the outdoor playfield.

These new entrances have been added with update 2.0.5:
  • The three Warmonk Monastery dungeons (Reliquary of Flame, Vortex of the Storm and Coppice of the Heart) share one entrance.
  • The three Mines of Chosain dungeons (Den of the Crowmen, Jade Dugout and Abyss of Kun Whu) share one entrance.
  • Kang Pagoda has an entrance.
  • Palace of Yun Rau has an entrance.


  • Fixed the particle effect for Choking Powder.

Bear Shaman
  • The AA perk ‘Spirit of Yggdrasil’ will no longer affect pets but the player instead – as intended.

Dark Templar
  • Auras buffed by Sanguine Infusion will no longer continue to run when removing this perk from the hotbar.

Herald of Xotli
  • Updated text for Expanded Inferno Curse, so it will now state the increase.
  • Slightly reduced the delay before you are polymorphed when using Red Shadows of Xotli to resurrect.
  • Using the ‘Quicking Death’ combo will now put the ‘Hunger For More’ perk on cooldown.

Priest of Mitra
  • Divine Halo and Emissary of Elysium will no longer target pets.


Tempest of Set
  • Spending three Feat points on Storm Regalia should now properly give you the 80% increase to Storm Throne's mana heal, as intended.

  • Kang Pagoda: The particle effect of Po-Sha’s Mental Assault buff should now show correctly on affected players.
  • Kang Pagoda: Fixed an issue that sometimes made Po-Sha reset in the middle of the fight.
  • Crater: The Twin Sisters should no longer reset when Dread Shadow and Frenzy are used.
  • The waypoint for Thoth-Amon's Stronghold will now actually point to the entrance.
  • Pillars of Heaven: Fixed an issue with Bhangi Khan getting stuck in patrol mode when doing the hard mode encounter.
  • All Trials of the Godslayer (hard mode) encounters now have a chance to drop an additional Rare Trophy.
  • Raid size is now capped at 24 players per raid, as intended.

  • Improvements to the ‘Shrines of Bori’ have been made and a new mechanic called “Pyres” has been introduced with this update. You can read all about these changes and additions in this article.
  • Coward's Shame should now work correctly again.
  • The minigame quests will now be spawned on the players when they join a minigame.

  • Brittle Blade : You should now be able to get the repeatable version of the Brutal Murder quest after performing the first instance of it.

  • The Tarpani Stallion should now have the same stamina sprint drain reduction as swift horses. It will also give the rider increased Protection.


  • Adjusted rewards (Tokens and Faction Points) of various quests in Khitai.
  • The Summoning of Dagon repeatable quest can now be completed.
  • ‘Back to Tortage’: the quest journal entry now shows a goal.
  • Both quests ‘Milestones’ and ‘Forgotten Gods’ are now shareable.
  • A Message from Paikang - Corrected an issue that put the waypoint on the wrong spot on the map.
  • The quest ‘The Dark Legion’ has had it’s cooldown increased to 90 minutes.

Silk Road Random Encounters
  • The size of the Kraken has been increased and he will now attack around midnight instead of during the day.
  • Water Shortage: Fixed an issue that sometimes made the Cyclones invisible on some client configurations.

  • Decario now also gives out quests to Khitan characters.


  • It is now possible to zone directly from Kheshatta to Black Ring Citadel Wing 1 and 2.

Northern Grasslands
  • A new resurrection point has been added near the Warmonk Monastery.

Kara Korum
  • A new resurrection point has been placed in the Crater.
  • The Western Corrupted Shelter resurrection point must now be discovered.

  • The Veteran Vendor will now offer an item to teleport players to Shaulun. Unlike other veteran teleport items, this requires the player to be level 80.
  • Crafted level 80 weapons and armors will no longer display a red level requirement text on the item tool tip when the level requirement is fulfilled.
  • Added an item description to Gallbladder of a Yak.
  • The 'Facemarking: Aquilonian Common Makeup' is now available at the Aquilonian Female Facemarking vendor.
  • A new item has been added to a vendor in Shaulun : Manual of Minion Manipulation. This makes it possible for non-pet classes to learn the pet command abilities.

  • All temporary pets had their cooldown reduced from 5 to 2 minutes.
  • Resolved an issue with the Idol of Yag. The pet is now on a 120 second cooldown.
  • Tweaked cooldowns on several of the pets obtained from the faction vendors.

  • The Vaaghasan (Tiger) mount now has the same base-speed as a Swift Horse.
  • Vagashaan (Tiger) Mounts: Using Quick Dismount while stealthed on these mounts should no longer cause you to be permanently stealthed.
  • You can now use any mountspell to dismount from your mount.
  • Fixed an issue where your mount could become invisible.
  • Tiger and wolf mounts now have the same attack cone range/size/direction as the horse.
  • You should no longer receive an error message if another player attempts to use Terrifying Howl on you while you are mounted on a Ridden Death Wolf mount.
  • Corrected an issue where the non-rogue quick dismount ability would end the running cooldown upon zoning.
  • Added a confirmation window when speaking to Cho-yun so you can no longer accidentally give up your wolf mount.
  • Adjusted the stamina drain of the wolf mount.

  • Corrected a few issues with patrolling NPCs in Khitai.
  • Field of the Dead: Toirdealbach now has a chance to drop unique boss loot again.
  • The training Pikemen in the Last Legion camp should now not respawn as fast anymore.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Writhing Sandstrosity in the Gateway to Khitai to reset.
  • Risen Hyrkanians now give XP when killed.
  • War Monk of the Storm's reflect shields have been toned down.
  • Fixed an animation issue with Goat NPCs.
  • Stalker Tiger mob should no longer remain transparent during combat.
  • Cavern of Malice : Fixed an issue that caused the encounter to reset during combat.
  • Northern Grasslands : Fixed an agro issue with NPCs in the Brittle Blade camp.
  • Northern Grasslands : Nui will no longer have flickering hair.
  • Paikang : Fixed an issue which prevented some NPCs from attacking.

  • The entrance to Paikang from Chosain Province is now labeled on the playfield map.
  • The Khitan race has been added to the player search menu.
  • Fixed an issue where a waypoint in Lacheish Plains was pointing to Eiglophian Mountains rather than Field of the Dead.
  • The points under AA perks will now have a glow to them when the perk is fully trained.
  • Buff icons and buff tooltips should now always show the correct time values.
  • Added the resurrection point name and distance over the locations on the resurrection GUI list.

  • Abyss of Kun Whu: Corrected the cause of a crash.
  • Your target should no longer switch automatically if you are attacked while hitting a destructible object and you do not have autotarget enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where your tombstone would not always appear.
  • You will no longer be spammed with disconnect messages if you let your client idle and you are on the character selection screen.
  • Players can no longer join PvP Minigames from areas were Path of Asura cannot be used.
  • The Ravager of Jhil and the Loyal Kappa pets should no longer despawn when the player changes playfields.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the Female Khitan hair style Lotus Knot.
  • Corrected many text issues and tweaked item visuals for quests in the Expansion content.
  • The Full Moon buff from the moon child pet should now boost Natural Health Regeneration.
  • Fixed some client crashes.
  • Khitan characters should no longer be sent to Khemi when speaking to the smuggler.
  • Corrected some sound issues with the ground in various playfields.
  • Fixed a few issues with the online preference saving system.
  • The timeout for re-inviting a player who left a guild has been increased to 48 hours.
  • Fixed some collision issues in Khitai playfields.
  • After being smuggled out of Tortage, Khitan characters under level 20 no longer are required to pay the Caravan Master for their transport to Khitai. This does, however, invite the risk of random encounters, as with any other free transport to Khitai.
  • All combat rations should now have proper use requirements.
  • All combat rations should not consume if you already have a similar effect running.
  • You can now use the Wagoner Route Map in Atzel's Approach.