‘Rise of the Godslayer’ – The Gates to Khitai open!

Players who purchased the first expansion for Age of Conan can start their journey to the empire of Khitai today! Explore many new world regions such as the level 80 playfields Northern Grasslands, Paikang, Kara Korum and Chosain Province or the level 20 to 40 playfield Gateway to Khitai. This new land offers ample opportunities to explore vast landscapes such as mountains, jungles, plains, and even some areas that defy all laws of nature.

How to get to Khitai

Existing characters can start their travel to the lands of Khitai by going to Khemi in Stygia and talking to the new available caravan master. You can either pay for your journey and be a passenger on the caravan to the Gateway to Khitai region. Or you choose to save the coin and be hired as a caravan guard. But the journey is long and as a guard you will have to deal with any dangers that the caravan might encounter on the way!

Or you start with a new Khitan character and fight your way through Tortage before heading to Khitai and continue your adventures there. The Gateway to Khitai playfield will provide players of level 20 to 40 with tons of adventure and content to explore.

New Playfields, Raids and Dungeons!

Khitai is a massive new location with five sweeping new playfield region and twelve new team dungeons as well as the start of the fourth tier of raid gameplay!

  • The Gateway to Khitai (Levels 20-40)
  • Northern Grasslands (level 80+)
  • Chosain Province (Level 80+)
  • Kara Korum (Level 80+)
  • Pai Kang (Level 80+)

Dungeons, Raids and Encounter

The Kang Pagoda (6 man Dungeon in Northern Grasslands)
The first group encounter you will find in your journey to Khitai pits you against an Obese and corrupt governor. His Pagoda towers above the courtyard immediately inside the Great Wall

The Warmonk Monastery (Three 6 man encounters in Northern Grasslands)
  • Reliquary of Flame
  • Vortex of the Storm
  • Coppice of the Heart

In the South West of the Grasslands the Warmonk Monastery looms tall from its perch high in the Mountains above the Grasslands. Here you will find three instanced encounters are you explore the story of the ancient warmonks!

Pillars of Heaven (6 Player Dungeon in Northern Grasslands)
This massive and majestic dungeon location offers a true dungeon crawl taking place in this ancient temple built high above the escarpment. Battle your way through a host of great new boss encounters as you attempt to climb to the peak of the Pillars of Heaven!

The Mines of Chosain (Three 6 Player encounters in Chosain)
  • The Jade Dugout
  • Den of the Crowmen
  • Abyss of Kun Whu

Explore the dangerous Chosain mines, from the Jade dugout through the Den of the strange creatures known as the Children of Jil to the mysteries of the Abyss.

Palace of Yun Rau (6 Player encounter in Chosain Province)
Pit yourself against a local warlord in Chosain in this team instance

The Kara Korum Crater (Three 6 Player encounters in Kara Korum)
  • The Cavern of Malice
  • The Celestial Necropolis
  • The Enigmata of Yag

The strange crater in Kara Korum plays host to the hardest of the single team challenges in Khitai. Those who travel here will seek to get to the heart of the corruption that taints Khitai!

The Jade Citadel (Two Raid encounters Tier Four)
The bravest of souls can dare to challenge the emperor’s army itself! These encounters mark the start of the fourth tier of Raid progression! Approach with caution!

Pick your side

An all-new faction system has been introduced, allowing players to join one of many warring factions in Khitai. Take on jobs for them, rise in their ranks and collect the rewards. And maybe you will betray them in the end as you swear allegiance to their enemies?

This article provides more information on the different factions.

Ride the Tiger and the Wolf

Acquire the Wolf and the Tiger, two new mounts available in the expansion! But that is not an easy task, for you must train them and nurture them as they grow from being a cub and into being a powerful battle companion.

More about the two new mounts can be found in this article.

Alternate Advancement System

You can now take your character even further by exploring the all-new alternate advancement system. Acquire new powers and abilities, and even progress while your character is logged out. The new system will take your character further than ever before!

Read more about the Alternate Advancement System here.

New content, new experiences

You can now start out as a Khitan character and head straight to Khitai after your time on Tortage Island is over. Experience content across several level ranges, and unlock a vast number of fantastic new armor pieces, incredible weapons, and numerous other exclusive rewards.

Additonal Updates

Together with the launch of the ‘Rise of the Godslayer’ expansion, there are also improvements and changes to the original game being deployed to the live servers.


  • The Lotus Overdose effect can now only be triggered once every 10 seconds.

Dark Templar
  • Drain Strength will now have a chance to be applied when using Mind Wrack, Mind Shatter, Warped Dread, and Dooming Presence.
  • Sadistic Soul has been changed to a toggleable ability. When on, area damage will pulse from the Dark Templar every 15 seconds, and this damage will no longer require a full 10-stack of Sadism, but will rather scale the damage based on the amount of Sadism.

  • Updated the description of the Death's Channel effect to be more clear.
  • The particle effect of the Mutilator’s spell now follows the target instead of lingering in the air.

  • Traps can no longer be placed while the Ranger is affected by crowd control.

  • Fixed the recipes for the Soldier’s Haversack and the Commander’s Haversack so they will now give the correct bag when being crafted.
  • The Farmer NPC should now always offer his goods when a player interacts with him.

  • Fixed an issue with Group Invites which sometimes didn’t show the invitation accept window to a player.
  • Texture Quality and Audio Quality in the launcher options now have text descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to rename/delete custom map waypoints that didn't have a name.
  • Removed a wrong yellow travel point marker from the Khopshef Province map.
  • The ‘Main System’ and ‘Villa Lentulus’ in the Tarantia Noble Districts now correctly show on the map.

  • There is now a cooldown of 24 hours on a reinvite after leaving a guild.


Massive PvP
  • A friendly mercenary should no longer have a red nametag during a siege.

  • Instead of two, there is now only one Watch Captain Falco standing around in Tarantia Noble District.
  • Catus from the ‘Nobles of Tarantia’ quest can again be found in the Tarantia Noble District.
  • Fixed an issue where mobs that run faster than a player would follow a running player around without attacking.
  • Both smugglers in Purple Lotus Swamp and Kheshatta do now offer to bring you to Khemi.
  • The smuggler in Poitain now offers to bring you to Old Tarantia.
  • The Scorpion Abomination in Scorpion Cave will no longer reset at improper times.
  • The Essence of Winter in the Pyramid of the Ancients now should show its particle effect correctly at all times.
  • A feared Ravenous Crocodile Follower in the Slaughterhouse Cellar will now correctly attack you after the fear spell has run out.

  • The Putrid Hand generic item is no longer bound on pickup.

  • Changed the idle animations of some character faces to make them look more lively.