• The cause of a client crash has been fixed.
  • Guards will no longer attack someone that is standing on a resurrection point.
    (to be more precise: If a dot is ticking on a victim, but the aggressor is dead this dot will be dispelled. This will prevent guards from attacking someone that is standing on the resurrection point and whose dot was still active.)
  • The cooldown time of the guards' 'Warding Throw' ability has been increased from 1 to 3 seconds.


  • Venom Spike toxin should now apply the intended major crowd control immunity effects.

  • Resolved an exploit related to Guild Renown structures.

  • It should now be possible to sort by all the different types of renown in the Guild Renown ranking window.

  • The quest reward 'Scipio's Necklace of Protection' received from the quest 'The Face of Evil' is now correctly bound on pickup.
  • All the items in The Sewers are now correctly bound on pickup.