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Thread: Update Notes - 18th February

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    Funcom Update Notes - 18th February

    • Cradle of Decay is a level 43 group instance which can be accessed through the Field of the Dead.
    • The Slaughterhouse Cellar is a level 80 single player instance located in Thunder River just south of the palisades area.
    • Xibaluku is a level 80 group instance located in Thunder River on the prison island. There is a quest pre-requisite to enter this area. You can begin this quest by speaking to General Lupercus in Thunder River. (This quest will send you into the The Slaughterhouse Cellar to obtain items).
    • Black Ring Citadel, Wing 3 is a level 80 raid instance that can now be accessed from Kheshatta between the entrances to Wing 1 and Wing 2.

    • All areas should now support multiple players zoning at once.
    • Alt-tab problems should be fixed now.
    • Several sources of server lag spikes have been removed.
    • You wshould no longer briefly see yourself from inside your head when going from first person view into dialog view.
    • The emote “relaxed_lean” should no longer cause the camera to shake slightly.
    • Fixed the female sitting animation.
    • Added some new emotes: Adjust, cough, fart, picknose, and sneeze.
    • Added cinematic camera movement when you are killed.
    • More than 200 male and female social animations have been polished.
    • When creating a new character, the random server chosen will match the client language if possible.
    • Corrected a few issues to improve performance and fixed several causes of crashes.
    • Magic Damage should be applied now correctly to destructable objects.
    • Corrected some invisible body parts.
    • Many exploit fixes were included in this build.
    • When mounting, all emotes are now aborted and blocked.


    General: Rogue
    • Quick-dismount for rogues should now dismount characters away from nearby obstacles, instead of always dismounting on the right-hand side.

    General: Soldier
    • ‘Defensive Stance' now starts at a base of 7% damage mitigation for all Soldier classes. With ‘Improved Defensive Stance' you can gain up to 10%.
    • ‘Defensive Stance' will now also mitigate magical damage.
    • ‘Defensive Stance ‘description reflects these changes.

    • ‘Curse of the Lotus' should now snare victims by 50% for the duration of the fear effect.
    • ‘Death's Gaze' has a new casting animation.

    • Updated the description text of the ‘Impale' and ‘Finishing Blow' feats to more clearly and accurately reflect their functions.

    • Added new particle effects to the 'Blessed Conquest' ability.
    • Updated the description text of the ‘To the Death' feat to accurately reflect its function.

    Dark Templar
    • ‘Devourer's Might' should now increase the damage of ‘Soul for our Feast I' and ‘Leech Life I'.
    • Epic armors have been adjusted to better fit the feel of the class.
    • Talisman Mastery should no longer fail to update on a weapon swap after dying. Swapping weaponsets will cause Talisman Mastery to refresh (shift-R by default).

    • Added new particle effects to the 'Planar Shift' spell.

    Herald of Xotli
    • Reduced the stamina cost of ‘Hell Strikes I'.
    • Reduced the stamina cost of ‘Body and Spirit Wrack II'.
    • Reduced the stamina cost of ‘Burn to Death'.
    • All ranks of the ‘Molten Steel Slash' combo will now animate and execute slightly faster.
    • Added new particle effects to the 'Phoenix Cloak' spell.

    • All Necromancer pets now play a spawn animation when they are summoned.
    • Necromancers should no longer automatically receive the Spellweaving buff window upon entering Spellweaving state. Necromancers now have the same chance to receive the Spellweaving buff window as all other Spellweaving classes.

    Priest of Mitra
    • Added new particle effects to the 'Hand of Mitra' and 'Soul of Mitra' spells.

    • Mezz Shots should now play the correct animations for bows and crossbows.
    • ‘Linebreaker' no longer knocks back friendly targets.

    Tempest of Set
    • ‘Thundering Command' has been renamed to ‘ Thundering Voice.'
    • Added new particle effects to the 'Serpent Transmutation' spell.
    • ‘Blood Mana's displayed timer has been corrected and adjusted to be more readable.
    • ‘Storm Field's base critical hit chance has been increased for all ranks.
    • Epic Tempest of Set Polearms should no longer inflict damage while the caster is protected by Shield of the Risen. Team members will also stop inflicting the pulsing area-of-effect damage if you or they are protected by Shield of the Risen. You will no longer lose Shield of the Risen while you have Storm Crown active.


    • Characters will no longer automatically get Shield of the Risen upon login. It should only be applied when zoning, resurrecting, or teleporting.
    • Some pets should now be immune to crowd control effects. This includes: Pitch Pots, Living Firestorm, Living Thunderstorm, Blood Pit, Idol of Set, and Cyclone of Set.
    • Players will have a chance of doing a fatality on human enemies whenever they attack them from stealth.
    • Players can no longer be knocked back through geometry.
    • Players who are being knocked back will no longer be able to enter Spellweaving until they get back up.
    • Spellweaving while Shield of the Risen is active should immediately remove Shield of the Risen.
    • You will now receive quest updates when destroying world objects, even when your pet deals the final blow.
    • Spells on your shortcut bar will gray out when you cannot cast spells in the state you are in (stunned, feared, charmed, silenced, etc).
    • Two handed blunt weapons will no longer sound like blades when being drawn/sheathed.
    • Players should no longer get stuck in the knockback state if they get feared during it.
    • A short (1s) cooldown has been added to the Hide ability when it successfully activates. This will prevent a player from entering then immediately exiting Hide state if they were to press the button twice.
    • An aborted multihit attack should now always show the combo cooldown correctly.
    • Correct damage is now shown when attacking destructibles.
    • Characters will no longer exit swimming mode when the client loses connection.
    • Monsters no longer follow hated players without attacking.
    • When charmed by an NPC, you will always move with jogging speed, regardless of crowd control abilities that otherwise would slow you down.

    • Tab targeting will no longer target dead players.
    • NPCs doing melee attacks should now only turn to face their target if they aren't rooted.
    • Dead entities will no longer be auto-targeted when your character faces them.
    • Fixed a line-of-sight issue on tab targeting that made you unable to tab correctly to your next target.

    • The level up animation will no longer play while in combat mode.
    • Characters will now make less noise while using the Hide ability.
    • Characters will no longer slide when moving immediately after performing a basic attack using bows, crossbows, and throwing weapons.
    • Spellcasters no longer slide if moving after the casting bar for a spell has completed, but before the animation is over.
    • Male characters will no longer twist their wrists unnaturally when firing crossbows.
    • Characters will no longer be able to move and slide around while getting up from a knockback.
    • The Feared animation now plays when you are feared.
    • When being knocked off a ledge or similar, the player should now land as if falling, and no longer be able to slide around on his back while getting up.
    • Reduced the number of strange fatality situations, such as decapitations with a hammer or impales an axe.
    • Fixed some animation hiccups related to knockbacks on certain pets.
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    • This update introduces a new type of crafting resources. These new resources can be found in Border Kingdoms, Cimmerian End. The resources are used to build and repair battlekeeps and player shave a chance to drop them when they die in PvP. The recipes required can be found in the NPC camps located in this playfield.
    • The guards in the Traveler's Camps in the Border Kingdoms will no longer assist players when they get attacked.
    • Removed some free prey level ranges from dungeons that did not need them.
    • A low level player attacking a high level is now a free kill for about 60 seconds, three times longer than before.

    PvP Minigames
    • The minigame signup interface has been enhanced. It now shows the four different minigames players can sign up for. It shows how many players are currently signed up for that particular minigame (players in the same tier as the player, regardless of apprenticeship), and allows players to sign up for any of the possible minigames (whichever starts first).
    • The level ranges of the PvP minigames have been adjusted. Level 80 players will now only face other level 80 players.
    • Annihilate Opposing Team: You will no longer get the capture message if you walk into the north or south quarter before the match starts.
    • Annihilate Opposing Team: The healing point in the middle of the playfield should heal anyone that stands on top of it.
    • Annihilate Opposing Team: If your totem is destroyed you no longer receive Shield of the Risen.
    • Annihilate Opposing Team: The health of the resurrection totem has increased.
    • Capture the Skull: Renamed the ‘Flag' to ‘Skull'.
    • Capture the Skull: Reduced the amount of skull captures to win from 5 to 3.
    • Capture the Skull: It is no longer possible to use Last Stand while carrying the skull.
    • Capture the Skull, Blood Ravine: The resurrection points have been moved to the bottom of the bases to make it easier to capture the flag.
    • When one of the sides leaves the minigame, this should no longer always result in a tie.
    • More than 11 players in a minigame will no longer expand the GUI incorrectly - the overlay will hide instead.
    • When declining to join a minigame after the minigame has started, you are no longer flagged as coward.
    • You now actually have 30 seconds to decline/accept to join a minigame when it has started.
    • Totem Torrent - Various gameplay changes have been made to improve the flow and speed of this minigame. The optional resurrection points have been removed. The capture areas have been moved into the north and south buildings (to the location of the old resurrection points). If you capture one of these new areas, your totem will be much more durable.
    • Killing pets will no longer increment your kill count.
    • Hallowed Vaults: Extended collision of braziers to prevent players from becoming stuck in between them and pillars.
    • Capture the Skull: Shield of the Risen should now be removed the moment you pick up the skull.
    • Capture the Skull: Players should now receive a message after the flag resets.
    • Hallowed Vaults: It's no longer possible to jump back the ledge coming from the flag rooms.

    PvP Notoriety
    • Murderer Pathfinders no longer give you two identical travel options.
    • Removed all cooldowns and added some XP to all Redemption quests.
    • You or your pets will not do splash damage to neutral NPCs anymore.
    • Being killed will not remove the killer from diminishing returns.
    • When being attacked in PvP, a player should no longer receive the criminal buff for attacking his opponent's healer, regardless of the level of the healer.
    • The criminal buff should no longer be refreshed by attacking a low level opponent and then switching to a higher level target.
    • Players can now get the other two redemption quests from Flanna in Field of the Dead, after leaving the dialog.
    • Player's nametags will now be colored grey if killing them would give you murderpoints. If a gray player attacks you their name will turn red, indicating justified self-defense.
    • When attacking a target with melee or spells, the damage will no longer splash to nearby targets, unless the main target will give murderpoints, you have previously attacked the splashed target, or the splashed target will not give you murderpoints.
    • You can now attack players 8 levels lower than you without getting murder points or criminal status.

    Massive PvP
    • The system to sign up to siege a battlekeep has been enhanced. The guilds that want to participate in a siege will now declare war on each other to win the right to lay siege. During this war, the attacking guilds gain points for killing members of other guilds that have signed up, and lose points if they are killed by the defending guild. As in the old system, the guild that earns the right to attack will have their points reset, but the points of non-qualifying guilds will roll over to the next war.
    • After a siege has finished, the server will no longer schedule a battle during a time that already has a battle scheduled.
    • Siege participants will no longer incorrectly get teleported out.
    • The Massive PvP time window can now be opened without being in a guild and can be opened from any playfield.
    • The ballista won't play an explosion particle on each player near the impact anymore. The impact visual effect has been changed to be more appropriate for a ballista impact. This should also improve performance during sieges.
    • Two Wayfarers of Asura have decided to observe the conflict in the Cimmerian end of the Border Kingdoms.
    • If a guild loses a siege they will no longer be able to immediately rebuild the keep.
    • The winner of a siege battle should now be reported correctly.
    • The PvP area marker will now appear on the map correctly. The minimap will show the name of the guild that owns a Battlekeep, and when the next window of vulnerability is.
    • If a player leaves a group during a siege they now have 60 seconds to find a new group. This should make it easier for players to organize players between the two different raids.
    • You can no longer interact with NPCs of a battlekeep after you lose it to another guild.
    • Border Kingdoms, Cimmerian End now has some additional resurrection points.
    • It is no longer possible to heal siege weapons.
    • The siege timer should now display correctly.
    • Players who enter a siege after the battle has begun should now see the score update.
    • The locations of the attacker resurrection points have been slightly adjusted. Keep in mind that they are still not right next to the actual siege camps.
    • The siege weapons graphics have been improved.
    • You will no longer lose the resurrection point of your keep when attacking another battlekeep in the same playfield.
    • Tweaked an area near the stairs in battlekeep Burnheim to allow players to walk over it instead of jump.
    • If a battlekeep becomes vulnerable but no attackers signed up to attack it, it should no longer be vulnerable for the siege duration. Instead, the vulnerability window will automatically be re-scheduled as if the defense had completed successfully.
    • The siege score window should correctly reappear after each teleport/death, but will not remain onscreen if you leave the playfield.
    • Lacheish Plains: City owners should now properly receive their city resurrection points.
    • Sturmgarde battlekeep now has improved wall defenses.
    • The tooltip on the vulnerability window should now only show owner guild and time the next battle will be.

    • Players can now desocket/delete gems in their items by opening the info view of the item and using the shift-rightclick menu on a gem to destroy the gem but freeing the slot. Desocketing will require a potion crafted by an alchemist. The recipe for this item drops in Xibaluku.
    • This update introduces a new type of crafting resources. These new resources can be found in Border Kingdoms, Cimmerian End. The resources are used to build and repair battlekeeps and player shave a chance to drop them when they die in PvP. The recipes required can be found in the NPC camps located in this playfield.
    • The minimap will now update a resource node's icon if it is being used by a player.
    • You should now always see the correct "Tradeskills" category for quests in your quest journal.
    • When removing/unlearning tradeskills, other feats/spells should not be affected anymore.
    • Chopping wood should now take the same amount of time as other harvesting skills.
    • If you unlearn a tradeskill, the cooldown should now always be removed.
    • Gemcutting: After creating a gem, you should now always have your quest updated, without zoning first. You should also always be able to create gems without zoning first.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing base, culture and alchemist recipes to drop less than the intended rates."
    • Inventory icons for dropped recipes have been upgraded.
    • Cleaned up a few minor cases where alchemy mats removed in update 1.3 were dropping when they shouldn't have.
    • Fixed dropped rates of some tradeskill resources that were dropping too frequently.
    • Some recipes were not properly requiring the following resources: "Ebony Venom" "Tincture of Bergamot" and "Tincture of Mint." The correct recipes now require these materials.
    • Reevaluated drop rates of all Tradeskill Resources.
    • Removed text from trainers that says you cannot undo crafter profession choice, because you can.
    <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="/images/avatars/funcom/transparent_logo_official_3.png" alt="Funcom" border="0"></a></td><td style="color:#343434"><span style="font-size: 10pt">Oliver 'Tarib' Kunz</span><br><span style="font-size: 10pt;">Senior Community Manager </span><br><br>
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    • Several new transition quests for level 40 players have been added. Talk to Peison in Old Tarantia, Mnemnes in Khemi, Conohmer in Conarch Village, Gern in Lacheish Plains, Thesilea in Poitain, or Dhumib in Purple Lotus Swamp.
    • Atzel's Approach: Kidnapping and Torture - The palisades now have a shorter cooldown.
    • Castle of King Conan: The conversation with Pallantides no longer loops infinitely.
    • Kheshatta: Tarantian Armorsmith - Quest reward items updated to accommodate the needs of every class.
    • Khopshef Province: Destiny Quest 30, The Phoenix of the South - The goals for the first part of the quest have been clarified. The player will now be required first to gather all the lotus, then to place it on the altar. The cutscene will play only at this stage.
    • Khopshef Province: Redemption Quest, Path of Venom - Scorpions updating the quest are found throughout the play area, removing the necessity of a goal marker radius.
    • Khopshef Province: Redemption Quest, Ruthlessness - The 30 heads are now properly removed when the heads are put on the Stone.
    • Khopshef Province: Redemption Quest - Redeemer Drak will allow Stygians to redeem themselves in Khopshef Province.
    • Poitain: Chastising the Spirit Children - Spirit stones will no longer disappear before they should.
    • Purple Lotus Swamp: Followers of a Crocodile God - The pendants will no longer disappear before they should.
    • Purple Lotus Swamp: Healing the Wounds of the Swamp - Replaced a goal reference to 'Oasis Water' with the correct 'Moss'.
    • Thunder River: Keeping the Land Safe - Removed the waypoint, as it covered half the playfield.
    • Tortage: Destiny Quest Soldier, Awakening III - Some visuals have been added to the cutscene ‘Arrested by Guards'.
    • Wild Lands of Zelata: Hidden Treasures - Trade has been reduced to 15 items, as intended.
    • Wild Lands of Zelata: A Vote's Worth - Quest is no longer shareable.
    • Wild Lands of Zelata: Melis Root flowers will no longer float off the ground.
    • Wild Lands of Zelata: The Demon in the Tree - This quest now works as intended.
    • Ymir's Pass: Heart of Atali - Increased the powerlevel of the necklace reward, and increased the variety of neck-item options.
    • Ymir's Pass: Gaze of Crom - The progress bar for laying the Rabbit Snare, and the snare itself, will now have the appropriate name. You will now also receive a more logical quest reward.
    • Ymir's Pass: The Twisted Skein - Renamed the Ancient Dagger quest reward to Preternatural Dagger.
    • Ymir's Pass: The Calm Before the Storm - Removed a confusing waypoint.
    • Ymir's Pass: The Calm Before the Storm - Skudd can no longer follow you into Field of the Dead.
    • Spider Cavern: A Rare Delicacy - The mushrooms are now correctly placed.
    • Many grammatical errors and waypoints have been corrected for quests all over Hyboria.
    • Ymir's Pass - The Dark Arts: When the player returns to Zallivallony after completing the first part of the quest, the quest should resolve and a reward will be given.
    • There are 7 brand new quests to be found in Atzel's Approach.


    Yakhmar's Cave
    • Yakhmar now displays a buff when lullaby can trigger.
    • Yakhmar is no longer immune to Goad.
    • Wyrmlings will take more damage from magic and poison.
    • Increased the time between spawns of Yakhmar's Wyrmlings.
    • Wyrmlings will now use a ranged fallback spell if they fail to reach their target.

    Kyllikki's Crypt
    • Champion of the Honorguard now properly locks players to the instance when killed.
    • Kyllikki's minions should now wait a short period after spawning before they attack players.

    Vistrix's Lair
    • ‘Talon Sweep' should no longer cause multiple knockbacks.
    • Adds now despawn on encounter reset.
    • Chill Crawler Shadowbearers now have casting animations.

    Black Ring Citadel
    • Wing 3 is now open, featuring Athyr-Bast the Shadow Master and Leviathus.
    • The Cursed Treasure of Constantius quest should now update correctly.
    • Minions of the Living Stone quest can now be updated without killing the bosses twice.
    • Enemies now patrol and attack as intended throughout all Wings.
    • Blood-Fused Black Ring Gargoyle should now drop Gargoyle Dust.
    • ‘Petrify' effect will be removed when the Blood-Fused Black Ring Gargoyle is defeated.
    • ‘Shatter Stone' spell now has an icon.
    • Master of Gargoyles quest now has the correct waypoint for Yaremka, Eater of Souls.
    • Added a particle effect when Yaremka enrages.
    • Sabazios' adds now do poison damage.
    • Sabazios' poison invulnerability debuff will no longer be cast on the main hate target.
    • Ahazu-Zagam will no longer try to attack dead players or players outside his room.
    • Ahazu-Verin will now use a ranged fallback spell when they fail to reach their targets.
    • The entrance door now properly opens after being defeated by Ahazu-Zagam.
    • Incubus and Succubus will no longer attack each other.
    • Added a particle effect when ‘Incubated' spawns a Campion.
    • Fixed problematic collision in the Incubus and Succubus encounter.
    • Incubus and Succubus no longer try to attack dead players.
    • Incubus' spell ‘Inertia' now has an icon.
    • Seruah now has two new spells. Adds no longer evade when they can't reach their target. Fixed an issue where ‘Ripped From Within' triggered when it was not supposed to.
    • Reduced the area of effect of Dusk Fiend's ‘Ghostly Rain' and gave affected players a 5 second immunity when hit.
    • Changed the name of Chatha's root spell to ‘Unnatural Atrophy'. It now targets a random soldier within range.
    • Added a particle effect when Chatha changes into demon form.
    • Renamed Chatha's single target knockback in phase 2 to "Savage Toss".
    • Reduced the power of the ‘Strength in Numbers' spell and visualized the source of the buff with a particle effect.
    • Reduced the spawn rate of the adds in the Chatha encounter.


    • You should no longer stop running when opening the map (when using the mouse to move). If you have the map open and want to start running, you should not click on the map!
    • Buffs on other characters should now show the correct time remaining when you target the character after the buff has started counting down.
    • When you fail to teleport to the same instance as your team, you now get a proper error message.
    • Player tooltips will no longer show through other windows (such as the tradepost or bank).
    • Resizing in windowed mode should no longer cut off the bottom of the screen.
    • Updated and corrected the map for Khopshef Province.
    • The buff view should no longer report 1 extra unit when the time displayed is exactly what the time really is. (1:00:00 should no longer report as 2h, while 1:00:01 still does).
    • Offline Lists will be shown when activated even after reopening the friend/guild window.
    • Some minor changes to the text and font color of the friend/guild window have been made.
    • Floating tooltip windows now expand if the title is longer than the content requires.
    • F10 now correctly opens the menu without freezing the client occasionally.
    • PvP health/mana/stamina taps should now be displayed as intended in tooltips.
    • Buff icons are now always shown as enabled (not gray).
    • The new death cinematic can now be exited by moving the mouse after a few seconds have passed since your death.
    • Tradepost searches now allow - and ' and `
    • Rightclick will not cause your character to turn anymore when performed over GUI elements.
    • Emotes should not abort themselves anymore.

    Settings and Options
    • When you change your settings and the confirmation dialog box is open, you should now no longer be able to make any changes until you press Yes or No.
    • You can now disable buff icon minimizing! This option is found in Interface Options.
    • All options in video/advanced now have a tooltip (when they are not disabled).
    • Keybindings on the shortcuts now are more readable. Long shortcuts are truncated, and long combinations will be indicated by a "+".
    • Remapping now should work as intended. The order in which ALT,SHIFT and CTRL are used does not matter (e.g. ALT+SHIFT = SHIFT+ALT)

    • There is now a Master Looter option in the loot options menu. This allows the group leader to designate one group member as the Master Looter. This Master Looter is the only one who can open lootbags and can drag and drop items onto others or him/herself.
    • Loot options now have a submenu - one tab with personal preferences which will be used when your character creates a team, and another tab which shows the current team's loot options.
    • Loot options now include Loot Threshold, a setting for loot powerlevel (below which loot is auto-distributed), and a personal setting to pass on items below a given powerlevel. This option is only enabled if the Need/Greed option is turned on.
    • When changing lootmode, the lootbags already owned by the team/raid are now also changed to use that new lootmode.
    • Shift + click to loot should now follow the same rules as normal looting.
    • You now get a confirmation popup to verify you really want to loot 'Bind on Equip' items.

    • Clicking a link in a chat window should no longer activate text input for that chat window.
    • Only shift+leftclick now works for getting player info in chat. Rightclick still opens the menu where player info can be selected.
    • NPC base damage type should now be shown in the combat log.
    <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="/images/avatars/funcom/transparent_logo_official_3.png" alt="Funcom" border="0"></a></td><td style="color:#343434"><span style="font-size: 10pt">Oliver 'Tarib' Kunz</span><br><span style="font-size: 10pt;">Senior Community Manager </span><br><br>
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    • Guild cities with barracks now receive straw dummies on which to practice their form.
    • The guild message of the day will now show in green with a tag in front of it to make it stand out from the regular chat text.
    • Even if you spam guild invites, only one window will be open.
    • When you receive a guild invitation you will always see who is inviting you, by name.
    • Using an NPC to teleport to your guild city should now place you in a more appropriate location.
    • You are no longer able to build two of the same buildings even if they are initiated at the same time.

    • Food and mana/stamina drink can no longer be used while you already have a buff of the same type running. If you want to change your food/drink-buffs you will need to manually cancel them.
    • Potion effects - Chilled, On Fire, and Charged now have new icons.
    • Treasure Chests throughout Hyboria have been improved and filled with more loot!
    • The Winterbrew potion now correctly boosts Cold-based spell damage, as opposed to Fire.
    • Gold Tooth now stacks in stacks of 100, and the price has been adjusted slightly.
    • New valuables have been introduced to replace the white quality equipment that drops from humanoid NPCs.
    • Cloak of Champions is now searchable in the Tradepost.
    • Darfari items have been distributed to more Darfari NPCs.
    • The Totem of Origins should now function correctly.

    • Quick Dismount should no longer go on cooldown when activated while riding a Mammoth or Rhino, as this ability is not related to these mounts.
    • Characters no longer end up below the ground momentarily when dismounting in combat.
    • Weapons now appear sooner in the hands of mounted characters who perform attacks without first entering combat mode.
    • The mount/dismount/stagger animation should not loop anymore.
    • Characters should no longer experience rubber-band issues when being thrown off their horse.
    • You cannot be staggered off your horse while mounting/dismounting anymore.
    • The death animations for dying while moving forward when mounted should now work properly, and resurrecting other players who have died this way should be easier.
    • Players should no longer be able to use their mount's special abilities while stunned.
    • Cape animations have been adjusted so they no longer intersect with horses while mounted.
    • The speed of draw/sheathe animations while mounted has been increased.
    • Fixed male animations for drawing/sheathing crossbows while mounted.
    • When entering a zone where your mount is prohibited, your mount buff is removed, along with its effects.
    • Mammoth Riding Training can now be bought from any Stable Master.
    • Rhinos have gained some weight and should no longer tip-toe along the ground while sprinting
    • The camera should no longer sway forth and back with the character while mounted.
    • Turning while walking forward should now display the correct animations on the character when mounted on a rhino.
    • Mounts should be easier to navigate through areas like archways and under trees.

    • NPCs that deliver a killing blow with any of their combos should now have a chance to perform a fatality on their victim.
    • Mounted NPCs should now play their attack animations correctly.
    • Dark Beasts will now recover more quickly from knockbacks.
    • All NPCs of the 'Ranger' class should now play a unique combo-animation when executing their combos.
    • Three rival mercenary groups have begun camping in the Cimmerian end of the Border Kingdoms.
    • Amphitheatre of Karutonia: Fixed the collision around the Frostfather.
    • Amphitheatre of Karutonia: Tigers should no longer stick out of their cages.
    • Border Range: Fixed an issue that caused some Dark Beasts to slide around in a static pose while walking back to their original position.
    • Ghanatan Wardogs no longer drop human heads.
    • Kheshatta: Chenzira now offers the same merchandise as the other Master Food and Drink vendors.
    • Old Tarantia: Lordana has been slightly moved to make her quest indicators more visible.
    • Poitain: The Abyssal Lich should now properly follow players during combat.
    • Thunder River: General Lupercus' dialog now matches his voiceover.
    • Thunder River: A new merchant has been placed in the Thunder River Palisades.
    • Tortage: Underhalls - Askia is now working as intended in epic and normal mode.
    • Villa Camillus: Deformed Creation and Twisted Magus should now drop proper loot.
    • Wild Lands: Viterion and Avitus, the teleport NPCs, are now moved away from each other.
    • Wild Lands: Fixed some issues with mobs roaming inside geometry.
    • Wild Lands: The bears have been moved a bit south of the Wild Plains rez point.
    • Wild Lands: The Tortured Man has left the Wild Lands.
    • Wild Lands: Keyx is now correctly placed.
    • Serpent's Head Inn: Female courtesans should no longer warp around.
    • Tarantia Sewers : The Main System - The Sewer King is now immune to crowd control.
    • The exotic valuables dropping from scorpion bosses in the Scorpion Cave are now appropriately flagged as green to allow for a group-wide Greed roll on these items.
    • New loot has been assigned to all animals, replacing the previous loot.
    • NPCs will once again create ripples when walking through water.
    • The jog-animation for dogs should now play at the proper speed.
    • Imirian Ravine: Deatheater Sethkanh now resets correctly if the players wipe while his minions are active.
    • Ranger NPCs (using crossbows) should use column based attacks (Like Piercing Shot).
    • Khopshef Province: Slightly adjusted the patrols of two guards in Caravanserai.

    • Many small adjustments to decrease the chance of getting stuck have been done all over Hyboria.
    • Atzel's Approach: Some climbing areas have been improved.
    • Khopshef Province: The collision of the temple floor has been fixed. Players should no longer sink into the ground.
    • Old Tarantia: When a players enter Old Tarantia from the Outflow Tunnels they will end up in a more logical place.
    • Thunder River: Placed new discoverable resurrection points.
    • Removed an invisible wall in the Inn in the Wild Lands of Zelata.
    • Amphitheatre of Karutonia - adjusted the collision of all the cages involved in the fight against the Abyssal Keeper.
    • Climbing points in Connall's Valley have been polished.
    • Corrected collision in many playfields to improve flow of movement.
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