Like announced end of last year, we aim to merge the Age of Conan servers early 2009. As the first step for this, we will merge the two US servers ‘Bloodspire' and ‘Hyperborea' this week on Wednesday 7th January.

It is important to know that during the time servers will be merged, all servers of the same territory (US or EU) will not be available. This means that during this week's downtime (estimated 6 hours) - where the two above mentioned servers are merged - all US servers will be unavailable.

After this first merge has been completed, we will announce the further plans for the other servers soon after.

Please note that this week we will also restart the EU servers. This has nothing to do with the server merges but is rather for maintenance. The EU servers will be down for an estimated duration of 3 hours.

You find the official downtime announcement in the Server Announcement section of the forums.