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    Questions about creating a guild.

    I have some questions about creating a guild. When I created my guild, I had 3 options, guild name, recruitment mode, and government type. When I check my guild in the guild tab, it says level 80-80....
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    Sticky: Mounts

    I bought conan exiles, with it I got the savage rhino mount. It was colored yellow, so I thought it was a legendary mount. Upon using it in-game, I am constantly being staggered on it, which did not...
  3. Sticky: In the "Group search tab", under "region". I...

    In the "Group search tab", under "region". I don't see slithering chaos. I see "Stygia" listing "Dragon's spine". Maybe im just missing it. If not, seeing Dragon's spine is now sold sepatately, and...
  4. Update Candidate 5.0 (New!) from testlive. What are your PvP views on this?

    Mussagana: Age of conan developer

    " It's also noteworthy that participating in (not winning) one minigame will get a daily completion "

    Do you think this will make PvP more...
  5. The Royal treasure chest drop rates, is not a game changer:(60) boxes results:

    What the royal treasure chest offers:

    Royal treasure chest:
    - 1 shard of pure ice and 60 simple relics 5
    - 1 dragon tear and 60 simple relics 4
    - 1 mythical band of...
  6. Comparing The Secret World and Age of Conan membership offers.

    The Secret world:
    Starting in February 2016, major changes are happening to the loyalty system and membership benefits in The Secret World. Membership benefits will now provide persistent perks as...
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    Today is monday.

    Odonoptera:Haha, don't worry--that's not all we have planned for the revamp. We're aiming to have the revamp in the coming weeks, and I'll be able to share more details with you all by Monday. ...
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