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    Hi everyone, I have been a long-time sub since...

    Hi everyone,
    I have been a long-time sub since launch, and am a very casual player. This was (and still is) my first MMO ever, and it was a steep learning curve. I loved the original Conan...
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    Stuck with quest - "Summoned"

    It is just called "Summoned" in my quest log and it tells me

    "I have received an urgent missive from King Conan of Aquilonia. I should make my way to his castle in Tarantia at once. The summons...
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    Actually it is 25%... Box of Twisted Ambits...

    Actually it is 25%...

    Box of Twisted Ambits
    Buy=2160 / Unlock=2700

    2160/100 = 21.6 (1%)
    21.6*25 = 540 (25% of 2160)
    216+540 = 2700 (25% total increase)

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    Reign of Teror quest

    The last quest in my achievements for the Eiglophian Mountains is called "Reign of Terror" - does anybody know where I can pick it up ?
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    Looking under my own achievements under Bane of...

    Looking under my own achievements under Bane of Hyperboreans (Adventuring/Hunting/Hyperborean Hunting)
    I do indeed find that Kala of the Shadow Vale is now listed as one of five to complete the...
  6. Updated and simplified boss locations

    As a supplement to the above Ultimate Boss Guide - here is an updated list of the bosses found in the Field of the Dead, Cimmeria - simplified and organised.
    The ones marked with stars by them are...
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    Kala of the Shadow Vale??

    While running around the Field of the Dead, hacking down bosses to collect my achievements, I stumbled upon a boss called "Kala of the Shadow Vale", hanging around outside Kylikki's Crypt among the...
  8. Field of the Dead [Cimmeria] Ultimate Boss Guide

    I stumbled upon a guide to the Field of the Dead - A list of all of the bosses, with locations, tactics and loot tables.
    Extremely useful when collecting your achievements.
  9. World Bosses feeling laggy ? Try this !

    If you find that when you encounter a World Boss with a gazillion other players, and are experiencing enough lag to insulate your loft space then try this small adjustment.

    Hit the 'esc' key until...
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